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When your roof is in need of repair after damage caused by hail, fire, water, or mold, 970 Services is here to help! Our team of licensed roofing contractors is up for any roofing challenge whether you need to repair or reconstruct your home's roofing. We proudly serve Fort Collins and the surrounding Northern Colorado region. Get in touch with us for a free inspection of your entire roof!
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  • "We had 970 do just about everything- drywall, paint, trim, two stories worth of flooring, bathroom tile black splash, caulking, etc, I cannot speak highly enough of their work ethic and quality. There is not one error in the entirety of their work, and I truly couldn’t be happier working with them. They were flexible when I had an unexpected medical situation that disrupted my schedule and they worked with our insurance. 5+ stars!!!"  --Kristen C.
  • "Paul and Adam delivered on an unbelievable bathroom renovation that met the needs for my girlfriend’s ADA requirements and to make necessary updates to the floor plan. The 970 Services team showed up on time every day, worked tirelessly on every little detail, and cleaned the working areas after each day. The resulting bathroom was phenomenal and outperformed my expectations. I’ll be using 970 Services on future home renovations knowing that I’ll be getting the best service in Fort Collins."  --James H.
  • "We noticed some water damage on our basement ceiling. 970 Services came out and inspected it, gave us a fair estimate, and repaired it all in a very timely manner! We were very pleased with their professionalism and the work that was done. Highly recommend!"  --Melissa W.

Our Services

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repairs
  • Hail damage repair
  • Roof wind damage repair
  • Roof removal and clean up
  • Full roof recovery
Roofing Services
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Hail Restoration

Fort Collins is no stranger to hail. Once the storm passes, roofing can take the brunt of the damage. This type of roofing damage can also be difficult to spot with an untrained eye. Even if you can’t immediately see it, hail damage often leads to major problems down the line. Hail can wear away asphalt granules, knock loose shingles, and render the roofing sealant ineffective. Our team at 970 Services are experts at tracking down hail damage and repairing roofing before it has a chance to fail. Be sure to call on us to assess potential damage after a hail storm as soon as possible.

Free Inspection

Too often, homeowners and commercial building managers don’t notice roof damage until it’s too late. This can lead to water damage, rotten framing, compromised structural integrity, and more. That’s why we offer a free inspection and estimate. We recommend inspecting your roof once a year. This allows us to catch damage before it leads to more serious issues. It also gives you the chance to know exactly what issues you have on your hands before committing to any repair costs. It’s an all-around great perk of teaming up with 970 services to keep up with your roof maintenance.

Commercial Roofing Installation

Whether you own a restaurant building or an office space, commercial roofing requires specialized repair techniques. 970 Services is a licensed roofing contractor primed to handle and all of your commercial roofing needs. We are poised to handle damage big or small on any commercial roof. Building a commercial space from the ground up? We can help with that too. 970 Services specializes in top-notch commercial new build roofing. Contact us today for expert restoration and new construction builds!

We Tackle Roof Repairs | Big and Small

Roofing takes on a lot of wear and tear – especially in a state like Colorado where we experience year-long sunshine, heavy snowfall, and hail. Over time, your roof will degrade and become less efficient at protecting the interior of your home. This can give way to issues such as water damage, loss of property, and mold. 970 Services is your premier roof repair expert in Fort Collins, CO. Not only will we inspect your commercial or residential roof free of charge, but we will also take great care in repairing it. You can rely on us to get your roof into tip-top shape regardless of the scope of the damage.

When It Comes to Replacing Your Roof, We're On the Job

Sometimes a repair just won’t cut it. Over time, you will need to consider replacing your whole roof. Different roofing materials expire at different times. Asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 15 - 30 years while metal roofing can last up to 75 years. If you reach the end of your roof’s lifespan or you notice any of the following signs, contact us to inspect and replace your roof.
moss-damaged roof

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Roof

  • Excessive moisture in the attic
  • Mold in the attic
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Visible daylight through roof boards
  • Missing shingles
  • Tar streaking or algae
  • Increasing energy bills

We Are Experts In Roof Installation

Our work isn’t limited to existing roofing. We are also experienced in roof installation. Hire 970 Services to handle your new build roofing so you can rest easy knowing your residential or commercial building is protected from the elements. When you choose us to install your roof, you are selecting craftsmanship, quality, and a lasting roof you can count on for years to come. We can install a range of roofing types for a variety of buildings in all shapes and sizes.

What Kind of Roofing Do We Work With?

Our contractors at 970 Services can work with a range of roofing materials. We specialize in asphalt roofing but we don’t shy away from other kinds of roofing material. We can tackle a variety of roof repairs commercial and residential alike.

Types of Roofs We Install


close up of an asphalt roof


close up of a ceramic tile rood


Flat commercial roof


Metal roof installation Fort Collins

Why Choose 970 Services?

We are experts in roof repairs and full roof replacements. Our licensed and insured commercial roofing contractors leave no stone unturned when it comes to tracking down potential issues and fixing them with precision. From commercial buildings to residential homes, we are well equipped to handle a range of problems across all types of roofing materials. We can repair and replace a metal roof with the same expertise as an asphalt roof.

970 Services cares deeply about our customers in Northern Colorado and Fort Collins. They are our neighbors, community members, and friends. Every project is executed with the utmost accuracy by our skilled contractors. It is our greatest pleasure to provide your home or commercial building with a reliable roof over it to protect all the important materials and people within!

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Amazing people!! Great business and they always support veterans and local charities!!

July 30, 2021

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